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What's included?

Hi, I'm Maria and my plant based journey started in 2012. At the time I felt overwhelmed and not sure where to start. I regained my health and lost a total of 100 + lb. As my health improved the desire to help others with their journey increased.

I created the Plant Based Progress Tracker to help keep your information in one place, so you can focus on your GOALS!

The Progress Tracker includes the following.

  • Your WHY? Record why you decided to make a change.
  • Health - Record what your current health concerns are.
  • The Plan- Record your do's and don't with the plan you are following.
  • Keep track of your body measurements along the way.
  • Return to Health Log - Record how you are doing. Good or Bad
  • List all current medications.
  • Record vital signs and lab results.
  • Weekly Meal Planner - Choose from five different layouts.

Please note, I created different printables for Medications, Vitals, Labs and Weekly Meal Planners. Select the pages that fit your needs.

Small medication list print pages 1 through 6.
Long medications list print pages 1 through 5, 7 & 8
Select you weekly Meal Planner: each are slightly different (pages 9 - 13)

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Plant Based Progress Tracker

Plant Based Progress Tracker

Thank you for your interest in the Progress Tracker!

Pantry Staple List

When I first started my Plan-Based journey, I spent a lot of money on unique ingredients. I ended up giving many of them I away.

Now, I use many of the same simple ingredient. I put together a list of my most used Pantry Staple Items.

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